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AAS Services is an organization to promote modern technologies and skills for better employability. We deal with imparting training and education to kids while they are in the early years of school to help them get equipped for challenging futures for better career prospects. The organization is progressive and will continue to adapt to the future needs of children.

AAS organization founded TechRobo Centre to increase STEAM education in young children to help them become future roboticists. Students have a lot of fun when they learn how to make machines from scratch. Our syllabus for robotics classes for children focuses on maintaining a fun learning environment that engages students and unleashes their creativity. 



We distributed 1000 pepper sprays to young girls in schools and colleges to help them feel safe and powerful like Superwoman. They shared their stories of strength with us and we recognized them for their bravery. We showed them how to use pepper spray and the dos and don'ts associated with it. 

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