Preparing kids for primary education and a smooth transition from pre-school to formal school.


No Bags...No Homework 

We care about our students' happiness and preferences. We focus on reducing their burden by keeping them free from carrying their bags to school every day. Students are provided with "cubbies" or racks in the classroom to store their activity kits after class. We also focus on teaching students all they can learn during classroom time and refrain from giving them extra work to do at home. 

Safety comes first

In the difficult and uncertain times of COVID-19, our main priority is keeping our students, teachers, and staff safe. We are motivated to keep implementing all safety precautions at the school including mandatory use of face masks, temperature checks, small class size with social distancing, and regular sanitization of all surfaces and items. 

Kid-Friendly Environment 

We understand that it is a difficult transition for the toddlers from their homes to the playschool. Our school makes sure that students are comfortable and safe. We have comfortable and kid-friendly seating, fully air-conditioned areas, clean and maintained bathrooms, a waiting area for parents, and CCTV cameras in all the classrooms and surrounding areas. 


  • Development of personal independence.

  • Enjoyment in learning through play and structured activities like story time, sensory activities, creative time, puppet show, and celebrations of special days like festivals and seasons.

  • Social Skills like sharing, listening, working with others, using manners, taking turns, and more.

  • Nurturing motor skills like left/right-handedness, hand-eye coordination, jumping, standing, and kicking.

  • Development of language skills like greeting, using simple sentences/phrases, and telling stories.

  • Recognizing and matching shapes, colors, numbers, alphabets, animals, and more.

  • General awareness of topics like environment, professions, families, homes, festivals, religions, diversity, cleanliness, and safety.

  • Weekly dance, music, painting, robotics, and yoga classes for identification of hobbies and talents.